Honest Chronicle

Alpha release 1.0 will soon be out! Try it and leave me your feedback



Channeling the styles of classic games like limbo, speluncky and inside, Virago is a 2D adventure survival game set in a sprawling, interconnected world with black and white gaphics

The game is about a young girl called willow, after an incident with her stalker she begins to suffer from hallucinations. While moving around her city one day, she begins to lose sight of what’s real and fake, this begins to affect her emotionally and psychologically.

Your goal as willow is to explore this deep dark town, finding your way through the vile citizen to make it out in one piece.The way forward is not always clear, and deadly creatures will hunt you relentlessly and effortlessly, but as you keep going, finding new paths, and finding powerful new weapons and abilities, you will begin to uncover some deep dark secrets of the town

Some real world problems will be in-deed addressed in this game

Quick tip before you get into the game: Not everything and everyone is at it/they seem, trust no one!



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